Scientific Days of Medjerda (SDMed 2017)
High School of Engineers of Medjez el Bab (ESI) organizes the second Scientific Days of Medjerda (SDMed 2017)

25 - 27 October 2017
Submission deadline: 31 july 2017

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Aims and Scope of the 2nd conference of Scientific Days of Medjerda

The High School of Engineering of Medjez el Bab (ESIM) and the research units "The Sustainable Management of Water and Soil Resources (GDRES)" and "Renewable Energy in Ag-Industry and Agriculture" organize the international forum of the Scientific Days of Medjerda. The yearly forum is to review and discuss recent achievements in water resources and agro – industrial frameworks as well as related disciplines in order to improve their management, in regard to climate change. The conference will be a key tribune for interested or acting researchers, professionals and experts. The Scientific Days of Medjerda, 2017edition, will focus on issues promoting sustainable development in a context of climate change. The main dimension of such development is the environment that will be highlighted through water resources management, soil erosion risk management, wastewater management, energy and machinery optimization and valorization of products, by-products and processing wastes. For the second international conference, the organizing committee expects scientists from all over the world to present and discuss their recent finding and achievements related to the highlighted topics. Keynote speakers, oral sessions, and poster presentations are being planned. The conference webpage,, will be updated frequently.
The previous version as the first edition of Scientific Days of Medjerda 2016 (called JSMed2016), was a high-level forum focusing on three main topics, namely: the management of natural resources (water, soil and vegetation in the perspective of climate change), the bio-transformations, energy and the environment, and the opportunity for sustainable development, especially waste and water management. Eleven sessions were organized for the discussions of the topics, 10 sessions were for oral presentations and one session was for posters. The conference was of large success, with nearly 300 participants and over 60 speakers from Tunisia, Algeria, France, Belgium, Canada, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Morocco, Spain and Switzerland. A hundred papers were submitted, with an acceptance rate of almost 75%. The final acts of the meeting are available upon request.

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